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Viasat Business Internet

Viasat business has 2 different internet options, Unlimited Broadband and Metered Broadband.  Unlimited Broadband internet is best used for businesses with a large amount of activity online during normal working hours.  The plans offered include an Unlimited 35 Mbps, Unlimited 60 Mbps and an Unlimited 100 Mbps plan.  These plans are listed at $175, $300 and $500 a month with upload speeds up to 35 Mbps, 60 Mbps and 100 Mbps respectively.  These 3 plans don’t add any extra usage fees and all have upload speeds up to 4 Mbps.

Metered Broadband internet is best used for businesses who give service to a lighter amount of online activity.  The plans offered include a 10 Gb, 20 Gb, and 50 Gb plan.  These plans are listed at $80, $100, and $150 respectively a month with upload speeds up to 35 Mbps and upload speeds up to 4 Mbps.  With these plans you will also be able to connect securely to your network by using SD-WAN solutions.

Viasat relies on advanced technology to provide great service to all 50 states in the country.  Viasat covers 96% of the country with Broadband, which hasn't been done by any other internet service provider.  With the accessibility that Viasat brings to your business you won't have to worry about losing business due to poor connection.  Viasat offers internet solutions that can support your business at every location and stage of its journey.

How does Viasat Satellite internet work?

Viasat supplies a modem to you where an internet signal is sent to the dish mounted to your business and is then transmitted to a satellite in space.  The information sent to the satellite is then processed and sent back down to the ground network.  The information is then delivered to all your connected devices.

How do I contact Viasat Customer Support?

To speak with a customer service representative about your account or your service you can call 1-877-697-2926 for more options.

Where can I pay my bill or update my account?

You have the ability to manage your account and access your customer portal at  You may also pay your bill, update your contact information and contact customer support for help related to your business account.

Who is Viasat good for?

Businesses located outside of fiber or cable zones can get the most out of Viasat business internet.  Viasat provides affordable and reliable solutions to step up a business wherever is best for you with broadband speeds and the ability to get businesses connected within 3 to 5 days from ordering.

Is there any special equipment that I need

Viasat sends professionals out to install all the equipment necessary to bring internet to your business.  All this includes is a satellite dish and modem.