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How can I get out of my HughesNet contract without paying?

When you sign up for a contract with hughesnet there is a minimum commitment of 24 months you have to agree to pay. If you wish to terminate service before that 24 month period expires, the early termination fee and any unreturned equipment fee will apply. If you cancel your order before the installation, you will be refunded the amount that was collected at the time of order. This is the time to try to get out of the contract if you wish to do so. If anytime during your 24 month term commitment you wish to cancel your contract, you will be charged a service termination fee up to $400. For the first 90 days after activation the service termination fee will be $400. Thereafter the amount decreases $15 every month of active service. You must also return your Hughesnet modem, power supply and radio in good condition within 45 days of cancelation date or you will be charged a $300 unreturned equipment fee. The only way to get out of an active contract with Hughesnet is to call their customer support line and tell them the primary contact holder died or you need to transfer to a new account. Dissatisfaction and getting a new internet service provider does not qualify you for exemption from the contract. This is the only way to get out of an active contract without paying.