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Does Viasat offer a trial period?

Viasat does not have a trial period for individuals who want to test out the service. Part of the reason is due to their high cost of installation with attaching a satellite dish to a residence. You do not sign your service contract or pay your first bill until the equipment is installed and tested by the technician. Their early termination fees are very inexpensive compared to what other satellite internet providers provide. To cancel your service with Viasat before the 24 month term is up you will need to pay $15 a month for each month left on the contract. If it is within the first month you want to cancel then you will need to pay $360 for the early termination fee. With other satellite internet providers if you cancel within the first 90 days of activation then you could pay as high as $400 for the early termination fee. After the 90 the fee will start at $400 and decrease by a certain amount per month until the end of service. If you want to transfer service to a new location with Viasat, you will need to call into Viasat to move the service. When you cancel Viasat internet service you will need to return any equipment leased from Viasat within 30 days of the cancelation.