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Wireless Internet Service

See What Wireless Internet Service Can Do for Your Home or Business
When it comes to wireless internet service, how wireless do you really need or want to be? To decide, ask yourself these two questions:
Do you need high-speed internet in a rural area where wired internet services don’t reach?
Do you have access to cable or high-speed DSL internet service, but want a wireless internet service set up inside your home or business via a wireless internet router.
No matter how you answer, we can help you get the right wireless internet service to meet your needs.

What Is Wireless Internet Service?
There seems to be a bit of confusion when it comes to wireless internet service. When some people bring up wireless internet, they are talking about Wi-Fi provided by a wireless internet router that allows them to connect multiple devices to their internet service without using wires. Their wireless internet router may be powered by satellite, cable, DSL, FiOS or a fixed antenna internet. When others mention wireless internet, they are talking about wireless internet service providers and the internet service they bring to your home or business. With a modem and a wireless internet router, the result is wireless internet service that powers all your internet-connected devices without using any cords. So, is wireless internet service a product of wireless internet service providers or is it simply the Wi-Fi provided by a wireless internet router?
You don’t have to answer! Call us and we’ll help you build the wireless internet service you envision using one of the ISPs that serves your area, and we’ll make sure a certified technician completes the installation of your wireless internet service. This includes the installation of a satellite dish or wiring and setting up your modem and wireless internet router. We’ll help you with getting devices connected to your wireless internet service, too. If your home or business is large, we may even suggest adding a wireless internet router extender to augment your wireless internet signal.

Rural and Urban Locations Have Wireless Internet Service Options

If you live in a rural area, you will want to explore satellite internet, a wireless internet service that is available at almost every address in the United States. Two satellite internet providers, Viasat and HughesNet, offer wireless internet service with a range of speeds and price points. Unlike the early years of satellite internet, today you can get satellite internet with download speeds up to 100 Mbps and no data cap. If you need a less robust or low-cost wireless internet service, your best choice for a rural wireless internet service provider may still be a satellite internet company.
While satellite internet companies have an array of wireless internet service plans, they are limited in their delivery by the coverage area of individual satellite beams. Most addresses have an option for at least 25 Mbps service, and you can choose from a range of data thresholds. Today’s satellite internet plans typically have data thresholds but no firm data caps, so if you go over your threshold, your satellite internet service may prioritize your traffic behind others, but you can continue using the internet at a reduced speed. Both Viasat and HughesNet offer late-night options for large file transfers to help you avoid having your internet speed throttled.
No matter where you live, you may want to check into fixed wireless internet service providers, such as AT&T, that use antennas to deliver wireless internet service to your home. If you live in an area with wired internet service, your most cost-effective option for internet service may still be via traditional cable, DSL or fiber internet service providers. Once you arrange for internet service from any ISP, simply add a wireless internet router to enjoy wireless internet capabilities in your home or business.
Cell phone carriers, such as AT&T, can offer mobile wireless internet service in much of the United States, including rural areas. If you go this route, expect the cost to be higher than for many other wireless internet service options. You should also anticipate­ data caps, which may be lower than other internet plans, whether wireless or wired.
Let Us Help You Get the Wireless Internet Service You Need
Getting a wireless internet service that really suits your needs can be complicated. Give us a call, and we’ll evaluate your needs and help you get the best wireless internet service for your unique situation.