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Why is satellite internet so expensive?

The process that takes place for satellite internet is your modem sending a signal to your dish connected to your house, then transmitting a signal to a satellite in space. Viasat is sending three satellites into space over the next couple of years. ViaSat-3 AMERICA and ViaSat EMEA, not including ViaSat APAC will cost between $1.2 billion and $1.4 billion including satellite, launch, insurance. And payload expenses. This is part of the reason why satellite internet is expensive, to supply the whole world with satellite internet there has to be a large price for it and the people who buy their services help pay for it. Most of the customers who pay for this service are individuals or families who live in rural areas, like on farms or in the mountains where there aren’t large amounts of people. Traditional internet services don’t bring their services out to these areas because it isn’t worth their time or money with the cable and fiber laying so there aren’t many options for those who live in these areas. Supply and demand is a big part of the price of satellite internet as well, because there isn’t as much competition in those areas the price can be whatever they want. If it comes down to having satellite internet or not having internet at all then i'm sure most people would choose satellite internet.