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Why is Hughesnet so Bad?

HughesNet has struggles just like any other internet service provider does, but HughesNet has a few things that cause their service to be harder to work with than others. Supplying high-speed internet through satellites can cause latency and weak signals from objects getting in the way. There needs to be a direct path between the mounted dish on your roof and the satellite dish in space for there to be a strong signal. If there is bad weather then the clouds can become a disturbance for your signal and can cause you not to be able to stream in the middle of the day. There could also be a building that could have been built to block the path of the signal, or trees that could have grown in the way. It is good to keep an eye out for objects that could affect your signal or satellite dish. The plans the HughesNets offers are not fully unlimited either, even though they are listed that way. There is a data limit that causes your speed to be throttled when you have crossed that limit. This will cause your speeds to drop down to 1 Mbps and you will only be able to surf the web and send/receive emails. It is good to check where your data usage is at if you are having issues at the time.