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Who is the parent company for Viasat?

While Viasat is not owned by any other company, at this point it does have several co-owners. The co-owners are a swedish media group called Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT) in the Nordic countries, Sony Pictures Television in Hungary and Viasat World internationally. Viasat was previously owned by MTG (Modern Times Group). Here are a few details to help understand the difference between having a Parent Company and having a Co-owner: A parent company is one that owns 100 percent of an asset and has final say over all the decisions that directly affect the business. A Co-owned company is a group of companies where each group owns a percentage of an asset, each company's percentage may vary but is previously determined and agreed to by all groups. Viasat does not have a platform outside of the Baltic and Nordic countries so they have to use a third party distributor to reach countries much further away. One of these companies is Viasat, Inc. an American communications company based in Carlsbad, California with additional operations across the United States. Viasat, Inc. is not owned by a parent company nor is it co-owned, but works as its own company and makes its own decisions.