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Who has the fastest satellite Internet?

At this time Viasat offers the fastest satellite internet at speeds up to 100 Mbps. This speed can match what other traditional internet providers can offer which is saying something. Since satellite internet has to communicate with a satellite in space, it already has a disadvantage to its speed and data. Viasat has been able to supply customers with exactly what they need to do whatever they want. In a year Viasat will also begin the launch of three satellites being launched into space to bring high speed satellite internet to the whole world. ViaSat-3 AMERICA will bring satellite internet to all of the United States instead of just having 99% support with Mexico and Canada receiving it as well. ViaSat EMEA will be launched 6 months after that and supply most of Europe, Africa and some of Asia. The last satellite of the three will be the ViaSat APAC which will supply the rest of Asia and Australia. These satellites will also bring a faster speed to satellite internet and will be able to support more people who want to be a part of it. Even though at this point Viasat is the fastest satellite internet, it has plans to better its technology and keep supplying its customers with the best resources it can.