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Which Internet Provider is Best for Rural Areas?

Why choose satellite internet when other technology is more Popular?

When you hear “satellite internet,” you may think of an outdated system that has been replaced with more reliable technology. Don’t let that misconception turn you away. Satellites have advanced and are trusted by many individuals and agencies alike for rural internet access. Yes, DSL and fiber optic networks have grown in popularity and power, providing users with ultra high-speed data; however, companies that offer this type of internet fail to make it available to those living outside of highly populated areas. This is because they rely on cables, which are complicated and expensive to set up outside of urban areas. That is why those who live in the city may have great internet connection with Verizon while people who live in rural towns often don’t have the same luck. Luckily, those people can rely on Viasat to provide them with quality internet connection and speed.

How can Viasat guarentee strong internet to rural areas?

Viasat’s satellites are geosynchronous, which means they are stationary in earth’s atmosphere. When customers have a satellite dish installed outside of their house, the main satellite and the dish are able to continually ping information back and forth with uninterrupted precision. Just about anybody with a clear view of the sky can successfully have a Viasat satellite dish installed. In fact, Viasat satellites have the ability to reach every state in the United States!

How does Viasat compare to other rural internet providers?

Viasat is the leading rural high-speed internet provider in the nation. It’s download speeds beat those of Hughesnet by 400%. Additionally, Viasat has a 4 out of 5 star rating for its services in rural areas while Sprint’s rating is 3 stars, SuddenLink’s is 3.25 stars, and Verizon’s is only 1 star. If you live outside of a city, there is no question that Viasat is the best choice.