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What is WildBlue?

What Is WildBlue?
WildBlue was a forerunner of Exede Satellite Internet and Viasat Satellite Internet. Viasat acquired Wild Blue in 2009, and soon changed the name to Exede. In 2017, Exede took the Viasat name.
Today, Wild Blue customers are served by Viasat, although some hold on to their Wild Blue internet plans. New satellite internet customers are no longer able to buy a Wild Blue plan, but there is little demand since Viasat plans offer faster download speeds and unlimited data.

Wild Blue (aka WildBlue) Is Now Viasat
Are you looking for high-speed internet for your rural home? Viasat satellite internet with download speeds up to 100 Mbps and unlimited data may be your best option. Because Viasat internet is delivered via satellite beam, service options don’t depend on wires or cables—you can enjoy broadband internet in even the most remote locations.
Bundle Viasat satellite internet with DIRECTV satellite television and Viasat Voice, a VoIP phone service, for savings, and never lack for entertainment. Choose between streaming movies or watching sitcoms, sports, news programming or children’s entertainment when you bundle internet and TV. Enjoy unlimited time on the telephone with toll-free calling across the U.S. and Canada. Call today to see what Viasat internet plans are available at your address.