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What satellites does Viasat use?

Viasat has launched 4 different satellites into space over a 14 year time with another launch planned for 2022. Viasat is planning by the early 2020’s to become the first global internet provider with the satellites in place already and the ones that are planned. The first satellite sent into space is called Anik F2 and was launched by Telesat Canada on July 17th 2004. The internet service off of this satellite offers speeds up to 1.5 Mbps which is more than 30 times faster than dial-up and offers service to 48 states in the United States. The second satellite owned by Viasat was a WildBlue communications satellite called WildBlue-1 that was launched on December 8th in 2006. The download speeds offered by this satellite were up to 3 Mbps because of the high demand of satellite broadband. The Viasat-1 satellite launched on October 19th 2011 held the record for the highest capacity communications satellite for more than 5 years. The download speeds that it offered were up to 25 Mbps and was at the time the fastest consumer satellite broadband offered. Viasat-1 was the first satellite by Viasat to support a country outside of the United States, which was Canada. The Viasat-2 satellite, which was the 4th satellite launched by Viasat provided much higher speeds than the Viasat-1 and was launched on June 1st 2017. This was the first satellite owned by Viasat to offer service to countries outside of North America like Central America and parts of South America. Viasat-3 is another satellite that is expected to be launched in 2022 and offer service to countries all around the world.