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What Is Viasat Voice?

What Is Viasat Voice?
Viasat Voice is a Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) home phone service that can be bundled with Viasat satellite internet service. Viasat Voice uses the Viasat satellite signal to provide crystal-clear phone service that includes unlimited local and long-distance calling across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Viasat Voice also includes unlimited calls to Canada.

How Does Viasat Voice Work?
Once Viasat satellite internet is installed, simply plug your telephone or a phone base station into your Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway modem, and you are ready to talk. There are no special dialing instructions!
Viasat Voice and Viasat internet are delivered using the same modem, but you can talk on the phone and browse the internet at the same time. Talk as much as you like because Viasat Voice calls do not count towards your Viasat monthly data usage, unlike other VoIP phone services.

Viasat Voice was designed to allow you to connect multiple cellphones while utilizing one number. With this connectivity, you can forward calls to one or more smartphones or send voicemail to an email box on your smartphone.
For those times when you just can’t deal with phone calls, Viasat Voice offers the option of blocking calls or sending calls directly to voicemail. If you have the voicemail-to-email option enabled, you will be able to check voicemails via email any time you like.

Viasat Voice Home phone service offers:

Learn More About Viasat Voice
Because Viasat Voice utilizes Viasat internet for calling, you will need to bundle Viasat Voice with a Viasat internet plan. Call today to learn more about Viasat satellite internet with Viasat Voice.