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What Is Viasat Flex? | Viasat Flex

Viasat Flex is a new hybrid internet service that combines Viasat satellite internet service with DSL internet service to deliver low-latency, high-speed internet. Adding Viasat Flex to your Viasat internet plan with unlimited data will allow you to play first-person action video games, stream video on TVs and tablets at the same time, utilize a VPN service and join a video conference. Viasat Flex is a real game changer for rural internet customers!

How Does Viasat Flex Work?

Viasat satellite internet and Viasat Flex DSL come into your home through separate modems. Viasat software determines internet service needs in real time, and switches between satellite and DSL connections, sometimes using both, to deliver a more fluid and responsive internet service to residential customers.

Viasat Flex download speeds are the same as the download speeds associated with your unlimited data plan. During times of network congestion when Viasat internet may be significantly slower, Viasat Flex customers get at least the speed of their DSL connection. Rural internet is being transformed with low-ping Viasat Flex!

What Is the Viasat Flex Installation Process?

Viasat Flex is available in select ViaSat-2 plan service areas at no cost during the introductory period. * A Viasat unlimited-data internet plan must be paired with the Viasat Flex option. The offer includes free installation of the DSL internet service, which typically takes 7-14 working days.

When you order a Viasat-2 satellite internet plan and add Viasat Flex, you will need two installation appointments. A Viasat technician will install your satellite dish and modem and set up the Viasat system for you. Next, a DSL installation technician will come out to install DSL service.

How Does Viasat Flex Work with TV and Phone Bundles?

Viasat Flex is an add-on to your Viasat satellite internet plan. You can bundle a DIRECTV plan and/or Viasat Voice with your internet service and enjoy the new functionality offered by combining satellite internet with Flex DSL.

*There is no charge for Viasat Flex during the introductory period, but there may be a charge in the future. If and when there is a charge for Viasat Flex, you will be notified in advance of the first bill with a charge for Viasat Flex, and given the opportunity to discontinue your Flex service.