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What is the Viasat Browser?

Viasat Bowser is a browser made and optimized specifically for satellite internet. This is why it is best used by Viasat customers because it is way faster than both Firefox and Google Chrome. It was designed to learn and evolve, to find faster ways to browse the internet and load web pages faster. In addition, it gives you a safe and clean web surfing experience with its ad-blocking features. This feature will help protect your privacy blocking malicious code and tracers from loading on webpages. It can also stop potentially intrusive ads to give you an uninterrupted internet experience. With the Viasat browser being built on the Chromium engine, just like Google Chrome was, it has all the functionality and features that are included in Chrome, but the speed is even faster and the experience is even safer. Currently Viasat browser is available for Windows and MacOS computers. It is also available on more mobile devices with Androids and IOS systems. Viasat browser is already faster than the other leading browsers and it was built to surf faster the more you use it. Viasat really thought of everything the customer was looking for when they made their own browser and it will help you as well if you switch to it.