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What is the average latency for satellite internet?

The average latency for satellite internet in perfect conditions is approximately 550 milliseconds in round trip time, to the satellite and back. The trip is timed and measured in milliseconds called “ping”. The ping on satellite internet is usually around 638 ms, compared to a typical cable network with a ping of 30 ms or less. This kind of latency will be the same for any other internet satellite provider, but it will continue to get better and faster with technology constantly improving. The latency is mostly because of the distance between the satellite dish mounted to the residence and the satellite dish in space which is about 22,300 miles away. With signal strength varying constantly and different events happening to affect signal, perfect conditions don’t happen very often. The quality of internal network, speed of upstream connections and connection of the satellite network can all affect the latency of satellite internet. Even though latency is not a big issue in most cases, it can cause some issues if fast responses are necessary. The easiest thing to check is the connection of the satellite network to make sure everything works. It is also possible to check the quality of the internal network and the speed of the upstream connections but if you don’t know what you are doing it could be confusing.