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What areas does Viasat cover?

Viasat specifically sells satellite internet to customers. Satellite internet’s best perk is that it is universally available over a wide area. Viasat is able to serve customers with satellite internet in all 50 states in the United States and in some international areas. One of the big factors to people not using satellite internet is because they don't have access to the southern sky because of trees or buildings. This causes signals to have to travel through objects which can hurt the signal strength or not allow the signal to communicate at all. Even though this is something that is worked around, satellite internet has dramatically better coverage than wired technologies, especially in rural US areas. Alaska and Hawaii are the only two states that don’t have download speeds up to 100 Mbps, they only get up to 35 Mbps. Part of the reason is because they are so far from the rest of the states. Outside of the United states Viasat services areas around Canada, Mexico, Greenland and Great Britain. This is because satellites have only been set up to receive signals from the United States area. Once Viasat becomes a larger company they will be able to send more satellites into space and service countries all around the world.