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What are the disadvantages of a satellite internet connection?

Satellite internet is normally used by those who don't have access to DSL, cable or fiber. It is a method used by connecting the modem to a satellite dish that communicates with another satellite in space, this is how people all over the world have access to satellite internet. This can also be a hindrance to customers who use satellite internet because of the latency that happens. The distance between the satellite dish attached to the house and the satellite in space can be about 23,000 miles and this can cause some delays in streaming or gaming. Another disadvantage with satellite internet are the data thresholds that are put into place so a small amount of users don’t hog the internet access. A large number of users are running their internet off one satellite so the Satellite Internet Provider (SIP) prioritizes customers that haven't reached their data threshold and still have access to fast internet. The ones that have reached their limit in data will have much slower speeds than normal and can get down to 3 Mbps, which is too low to stream shows with. Weather can also affect how quick internet service is. The data signal that travels between the two satellite dishes will be slowed or not all of the data will be transferred if it travels through a solid object, rain, snow, trees or anything else that gets in the way. It is important where the satellite dish is located on the house to have a good view of the sky. There are a few disadvantages to getting satellite internet, but if you are living in an area where it is the only choice then it could work out really well.