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What are the advantages of satellite Internet?

The main advantage of satellite internet and a reason to get it is because of its coverage. Satellite internet covers 99% of the United States and can therefore give service to basically anyone who lives there. Traditional internet providers like to service people who live in cities or suburbs because plenty of people live in those areas. It costs about $10,000 to $100,000 to lay a mile of fiber in an unserviced location. Satellite internet providers can supply high-speed internet to those who don’t live in these areas, like farmlands, in the mountains, or in more remote areas. It also serves as a great backup to your primary internet service. If you are a business who keeps all of their information online and your primary internet source goes out, then you don’t have a way to reach what you have online. With satellite internet’s amazing coverage, you could access your information no matter where you are while you wait for your primary internet source to be worked on. It is also known for its reliability because the service relies on a satellite which isn't affected by network outages or any other issues similar to this. This is not a sub-par option you are choosing to be your backup though. Satellite internet can supply speeds up to 100 Mbps in some areas which is better than some other traditional internet speeds you can get.