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Viasat vs Mediacom?

When it comes down to Viasat verses Mediacom, Viasat is going to be the better option. Mediacom has high speeds and no contracts which are exactly what some people are looking for, but at the same time they have extra fees that add up and their customer service is not great, which makes things harder for customers. Mediacom offers 5 plans for customers to choose from with prices starting from $49.99 a month and going to $79.99 a month. Viasat doubles the amount of plans they offer with 10 plans and have prices ranging from $30 a month to $150 a month. The download speeds and data caps are much higher for Mediacom with speeds starting at 60 Mbps, which is higher than most Viasat download speeds, and going up to 1,000 Mbps. No ordinary person is going to need that fast of download speeds, but it is there for customers to choose from. Something Mediacom has been hurt by is their customer service which only makes the process of getting satellite internet more irritating than it needs to be. They also have extra fees that they like to put on everything, unlike their competition. The installation fee is $100, there are late fees and overage fees that can build up to be more than expected. They do have good plans though that offer high data plans to customers, but in the end Viasat offers more plans, has more than %60 accessibility throughout the country than Mediacom at %99 accessibility and offers more for their customers.