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Viasat Installation

How the Viasat Internet installation process works.

Your Viasat Installation Appointment

Viasat provides free installation, in some cases through their certified Viasat installation technicians to make sure the equipment correctly installs. Customers are not allowed to self-install their Viasat Internet systems. In order to have the best service possible, the Viasat technicians calibrate the advanced satellite technology at your home. When you order your Viasat Internet over the phone, a Viasat customer service schedules an installation appointment. Before your appointment, the Viasat installation technician will call you to confirm the appointment time and date and walk you through the review site requirements and any satellite installation preferences and options. When the Viasat satellite technician comes to install your equipment, an adult must be present who is comfortable making decisions regarding the installation process, such as the placement of the satellite dish.

Placement of Your Viasat Satellite Equipment
Viasat satellite internet only works with the Viasat mini-dish; you cannot use any other satellite equipment for Viasat service. The Viasat mini-dish is small, only 30"x28" and often not noticeable after installation. The Viasat certified installation technician will choose the best placement for the Viasat mini-dish. Satellite dishes work best when they have a clear, unobstructed view of the sky. Often, the dishes are best placed on the roof or a wall. If there's not an ideal placement, the technician may mount the Viasat satellite dish using a pole.

If Your Rent or Have an HOA
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) classifies the Viasat mini-dish an "Over-the-Air Reception Device," which is resident satellite TV. The Viasat dish is almost always legally allowed to mount to your home, but if you are renting or have an HOA, it's important to double-check. Renters must have permission from their landlords before ordering Viasat satellite internet and scheduling the Viasat installation appointment. Those living in a condo or homes with Homeowners Associations are advised to review the HOA rules before placing your Viasat Internet order. Issues with Viasat installation are rare, but it's important to verify the HOA or building regulations before making your Viasat installation appointment.

Standard Vs. Custom Viasat Installation
Viasat satellite internet includes free standard installation with the base internet price. During your installation appointment with the certified Viasat installer, the technician may determine that your property requires a custom installation, which is uncommon. There is an additional charge for custom installation. During your installation appointment, if custom Viasat installation is needed, the technician will give you a quote based on your property. You can choose to have the installation completed then and are responsible for paying the custom installation fee during the appointment. You can alternatively choose to have a second opinion from another certified Viasat technician. If you would like a second installer, you can contact Viasat Customer Service and schedule a second appointment.

Viasat Wi-Fi Routers
Depending on where you live, Viasat Wi-Fi may be available in your area. You can set up a wireless satellite internet network at your home and connect your devices without having to use internet cables. Connect laptops, phones, and tablets easily through Viasat Wi-Fi. You can choose to have the Viasat technician set up your Viasat wireless router or use your own equipment. If you select the Wi-Fi plan, it includes with a Viasat combo modem and wireless router. The Viasat technician will install the router during your appointment and help you set up your Wi-Fi. You can choose to use your own wireless router, but the router set-up is not included in your installation. If you use your own wireless router, during the installation, the Viasat technician will connect the internet to the computer of your choice, but you are responsible for setting up the wireless router. There are many wireless router options, at different price points, and can be easy to set-up. Still, Viasat recommends using their technicians to install the Viasat modem and wireless router.

After the Viasat technician sets up your satellite internet connection, they will answer any questions you may have. Once you're satisfied, you can sign the Customer Agreement and receive your Viasat email address, which allows access to the Viasat portal and Viasat customer service if needed.