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Viasat Customer Service

Viasat Customer Service for Residential and Business Internet Service

Talk with a Viasat Customer Service representative to see what Viasat high-speed satellite internet plan is right for you. Call this Viasat Internet number, (877) 697-2926, to find out which Viasat internet plans are available in your area and learn more about internet costs and bundling options. Your Viasat Customer Service rep will enter your order, review the contract with you and set up an installation appointment. Your next steps will be meeting the Viasat service technician at your home or business and connecting all your devices to your new Wi-Fi router.

Viasat Phone Number for Internet Sales: 1-877-697-2926

Viasat Internet Number for Satellite Internet Service and Internet Connection Issues: (855) 810-1308

When you need to speak to someone in Viasat Customer Service (formerly Exede and Wildblue Customer Service), it’s nice to get to the right person on the first try. Just call the main Viasat Internet number for Customer Service, (855) 810-1308, and a Viasat operator will transfer you where you need to be. There’s no need to hunt for the Viasat phone number dedicated to the specific customer service issue you have. If you are a Viasat satellite internet customer, calling the Viasat Internet number, (855) 810-1308, will get you help with addressing internet issues or upgrading your Viasat internet service.

Viasat Customer Service Offers Live Chat and Email Options

If you prefer, Viasat Customer Service offers a live chat option with a Viasat Customer Service rep. You can email Viasat Customer Service, too.

Before You Dial the Viasat Internet Number or Start a Chat…

Before you contact Viasat Customer Service, you will want to try a bit of troubleshooting. Unplug your modem for one minute, and see if your issues are resolved when it resets. You should also look for extra programs and web pages that might have been left open, as this can cause your internet to lag.

When you contact Viasat Customer Service to schedule a service call with a Viasat service technician, be sure you will be able to be on site at the scheduled time and help with troubleshooting.

Viasat Customer Service Number for Issues with Paying Your Viasat Bill: (855) 810-1308

Viasat encourages online payments. You can set up auto-pay or you can pay your bill online each month through the Viasat Customer Service portal. If online payment is not an option, a Viasat Customer Service rep can take your payment over the phone; however, a $5 assistance fee will be added to your next statement.

If you realize you overpaid your bill, call the Viasat phone number above to speak with a Viasat Customer Service rep.

Do you have questions about how much your Viasat bill will be or when you will receive your first bill? First check your email, where you should have all the details. Since Viasat Satellite Internet monthly charges are fixed for the life of your contract, your Viasat bill should be totally predictable. If you still have questions, call the Viasat Internet number to speak with a Viasat Customer Service rep.