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Viasat-3 Coverage Map

Three different satellites are going to be sent up into space starting with the first one on May 29th 2021. It will become operational on December 31 2021 and will be called ViaSat-3 Americas. The satellite ViaSat-3 Americas will supply all 50 states of the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. This is more coverage than Viasat has had before and is the beginning of supplying the whole world with high speed internet. The second satellite to be launched is called ViaSat-3 EMEA and is expected to be launched six months after the first one. ViaSat-3 EMEA will supply all of Europe and Africa and the Middle East with its coverage. The third satellite is called ViaSat-3 APAC and will supply the Asia-Pacific area. All the islands in the pacific, Australia and most of Asia will have access to high speed internet once this satellite has been put in place. These three satellites are projected to have more capacity than all other telecommunications spacecraft in the world. Each spacecraft is supposed to be capable of more than a terabit per second of network capacity. With this kind of technology to bring high speed internet to the world, who knows what kind of technology can be invented now.