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Unlimited 5G Home Internet

What’s All the Buzz About Unlimited 5G Home Internet in your area?
5G or “fifth generation” cellular technology offers new options for high-speed internet service in your area.  Unlimited 5G home internet will deliver the speed and low latency in your area consumers need for their smart homes and the ever-growing internet of things.
With totally wireless 5G unlimited home internet, customers can connect more devices and enjoy faster downloads and uploads. The significantly reduced latency of 5G internet compared to other high-speed internet services delivers amazing responsiveness. Just picture freeze-free video chatting with someone far away. Imagine downloading a two-hour movie in just a few seconds. That’s the power of unlimited 5G home internet in your !

Is Unlimited 5G Home Internet an Option for Me in my town?
Unlimited 5G home internet is the latest home internet option, but availability is currently limited to a few densely populated urban areas. Unlimited 5G home internet service is not available in your County—in fact, 5G unlimited home internet is not likely to be an option in your area any time soon. Rural internet users in your County should expect their internet options to be limited to satellite internet or DSL internet.