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Satellite Internet Reviews

Satellite internet reviews can be riveting reading. In fact, internet reviews are regularly incorporated into trending social media posts because high-speed internet service is so important to our daily lives. Find out how your friends and neighbors have approached the rural internet challenge and won by reading satellite internet reviews. Search for Viasat satellite internet reviews, Exede internet reviews, HughesNet satellite internet reviews and Dish satellite internet reviews. After a bit of reading, you will be well on your way to seeing the full satellite internet picture and finding the best satellite internet service.
Satellite Internet Reviews Tell the Whole Story—The Great, the So-So and the OH, No!!!
When you get ready to buy satellite internet service, you can use the information you gleaned from reading satellite internet reviews to shop one of the two satellite internet providers now available to consumers in the United States.  
Where Have All the Satellite Internet Providers Gone? Satellite Internet Reviews Have Answers!
Satellite internet reviews show that satellite internet service providers have changed dramatically over the past decade. Exede satellite internet is now Viasat satellite internet following a name change to streamline operations. WildBlue satellite internet was purchased by Exede internet years before. EarthLink and dishNet have discontinued their satellite internet services. HughesNet has been the constant, maintaining the same name through the years.
Satellite Internet Reviews: Comparing HughesNet Satellite Internet vs. Viasat Satellite Internet
Today, your choices for satellite internet are Viasat (formerly Exede) and HughesNet. After reading satellite internet reviews, you’ve probably already deduced that the highest download speeds are offered by Viasat satellite internet. Viasat now offers 100 Mbps download speeds with unlimited data in limited parts of the United States. While Viasat’s top tier of high-speed satellite internet has limited availability, you don’t have to give up on having high-speed internet. Satellite internet plans offering 25 Mbps downloads are available at almost every address in the United States, and these broadband internet plans are available through both Viasat and HughesNet.
What Do the Satellite Internet Reviews Say About Data Caps?
Neither HughesNet internet nor Viasat internet have hard data limits, but both have data thresholds. Once you meet your threshold, both ISPs prioritize your internet traffic behind customers who have not exhausted their data allowance. Satellite internet reviews detail just how big of a pain it can be to be throttled! To help customers with this pain point, HughesNet provides a Bonus Zone with 50 GB of free data, a late-night option to allow customers to schedule large downloads between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. Viasat Liberty plans offer Free Zones with unmetered data during the early morning hours. This is a great way to download movies and files without using any data from your purchased plan. By taking advantage of Free Zones or Bonus Zones, customers can truly enjoy internet connection without worries. However, it is important to realize that Viasat’s Free Zones are, in fact, free while Hughesnet only allows 50 GB of additional free data during their Bonus Zone. While 50 GB is a large amount of data, Viasat can boast truly unlimited internet while Hughesnet is not quite able to do the same.
While data caps and prioritized traffic are an unfortunate fact of life for those with satellite internet, reviews show that life is so much better with satellite internet. And reviewers understand that satellite internet providers have made an effort to help them with data allowances by adding a video data saver to facilitate streaming movies. Viasat’s Video Data Extender allows customers to save data while watching television shows and movies. This feature automatically sets a customer’s video streaming quality to that of a DVD, which is about 480p. This default setting could save customers almost an entire GB of data each hour of streaming since HD quality streaming can require upwards of 1.3 GB per hour.
What Do the Satellite Internet Reviews Say About Satellite Internet for Gaming?
While satellite internet speeds have increased dramatically, satellite internet is still not a great option for gaming because of signal latency. Satellite internet latency results from making satellite internet signals travel to a satellite in outer space and back again. Of course, it is expected that satellite internet providers are able to support high speed transmission of data between a customer’s satellite dish and the company's main satellite in the atmosphere; however, since live video games require an extremely high volume of data to be transmitted back and forth instantaneously, they often lag, which may frustrate many gamers. Latency is not an issue for most internet functions, but high intensity action games just don’t work well on satellite internet.
What Do Satellite Internet Reviews Say About Satellite Internet Cost and Installation?
Viasat and HughesNet high-speed satellite internet plans come with free or low-cost standard installation.
Viasat and HughesNet offer a 2-year price lock on high-speed satellite internet plans. If you expect to stay in your present location for a shorter period, Viasat offers a contract option to cut the length of the contract, but at there is an additional cost. Be sure to tell our customer service rep about your plans so that we may offer the best internet solution for you.
What Do Satellite Internet Reviews Say About Bundling TV and Phone with Internet?
Reviewers on satellite internet review sites agree that bundling satellite TV with satellite internet can be a great cost-saving idea. DIRECTV is available almost everywhere satellite internet is. Having a subscription TV service often eliminates the problem of exceeding data thresholds since video streaming is kept to a minimum.
Bundling phone with satellite internet is easy and yields a discount for an extended period. VoIP telephone service via satellite internet gives customers unlimited calling in the United States. Depending on the plan you buy, unlimited calling to Canada or Mexico is also included.