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Is Viasat worth the money?

How does Viasat compare to the competition?

Yes! Viasat is worth the money. Not only is Viasat affordable and reliable, but it offers better services than all of its competition. In fact, Viasat is rated as the fastest high speed internet option for rural areas in the nation! It’s top downloading speed is 100 Mbps—Hughesnet’s top downloading speed is only 12 Mbps. When you look at the numbers, you will find that Viasat is cheaper than the competition for each megabit per second. By that fact alone, customers looking for a satellite internet company to meet their needs can find it in Viasat’s services. Such great quality internet is definitely worth the price.

Is Viasat the right company for me to use and spend my money on?

Viasat wants their customers to always know what they are spending their money on. It is important to understand that Viasat is not marketed or intended to serve as a replacement for cable or fiber optic networks. Those services are great for people living in urban areas, and satellite internet rarely compares to those options when both are available. Viasat, along with other satellite internet companies, strive to provide reliable internet connection to those who live outside of the range of cable or fiber optic networks. Since people residing in rural areas often have little to no reliable internet connection, satellite internet providers seek to fill in that gap for those rural dwellers. It is Viasat’s mission to provide high speed internet to those WITHOUT access to cable and fiber optic networks. 

Customers should also not subscribe to Viasat with the intention of using it for streaming shows and movies, and playing live online video games. While these activities are supported by Viasat to an extent, it is not recommended that customers do them all of the time. If you decide to pay for Viasat for the purpose of streaming movies, you will find that Viasat is not worth your money because it was not made for that purpose. Viasat is an internet satellite provider (ISP), so it allows you to surf the internet, download files, and stream the occasional movie or television show. Customers should select a plan that best meets their budget and internet needs. If you do intend to watch a number of movies each month, a plan with a higher downloading speed and data cap would be suitable for you.

How much data do I get when I buy a Viasat plan?

Customers are often extremely satisfied with their decision to use Viasat. Not only is its affordability evident in its great services that far outshine competition, but it also allows customers the freedom to access the internet without the fear of being charged overage fees. That’s right, Viasat does not require customers to pay additional fees on their bills if they go over their data allowance. The price of your internet plan is the set price per month you will be charged regardless of how much data you use. This is because Viasat treats their data caps more like data thresholds. Rather than punishing you for using more data than that which is allowed in your plan, Viasat simply deprioritized your data during times of the day when there is heavy traffic to the satellite. However, you can rest assured that when you pay for Viasat, internet connection is always at your fingertips.