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Is Viasat internet satellite?

Viasat internet is high-speed internet that is beamed directly to your residence from Viasat’s satellites in space. This is how you can get high-speed internet almost anywhere in the United States that can supply 99% of the population with internet. Since it supplies so much of the population of the U.S it is a great option for those who don’t have an option to any other internet provider. There are millions of people who live in the mountains or out on farmland who don’t have the luxury of having internet and Viasat can be their saving grace. It is not good for people who want to cut cords or want to do all of their streaming online. Viasat has a data allowance system so that only a set amount of data can be used. It's not a great option for large families who need lots of data. Another good reason to look into Viasat is for its quick speeds. Their speeds are typically faster than DSL or 4G/LTE mobile service speeds. It is even possible to get speeds up to 100 Mbps in certain areas which is great for using multiple devices. Viast’s plans are also affordable with having constant monthly internet service charges for at least 2 years. There aren’t any overage fees either for their residential services. Their installation only takes around 2 hours with a professional technician doing all the work.