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Is Viasat Internet legit?

Viasat is legit, it happens to be arguably the best satellite internet provider in the United States. It provides coverage to 99% of the United States and helps residents living in the most rural and remote areas because traditional internet providers who offer cabled options won't offer service to them. Viasat is a great option for those living in areas with little or no competition with other internet providers because they can offer internet where other providers can’t. The process satellite internet goes through to get you internet is your modem sends a message to the dish mounted to your house then is transmitted to a satellite in space. The satellite in space will then receive the message and send back a message to access internet to the dish on your house, and then send it to your modem, which will then give your house a wireless network. With this process you can create a wireless network in your house as long as you have a view to the sky where the satellites are. This is how almost all of the U.S can have access to satellite internet. In the next few years, Viasat will be sending up more satellites to supply the world with high-speed internet, and will be the first providers to ever supply the world with internet. Viasat is a real option for people and it supplies them with everything they need. If you are one of those people who need internet then Viasat could be the option for you.