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Is Viasat Internet good?

Yes, Viasat internet is good but, like everything else it depends on what you are looking for and what your preferences are. Most customers who use satellite internet are in an area that does not have access to regular internet and they choose this because it is 10 to 35 times faster than dialup. Someone who lives in the city will have better access to regular internet like Spectrum and Windstream because more cabling has been laid for the large number of people who live there in a close area. If you are one of those people who’s best option is satellite internet because of where you live there are a few reasons why Viasat is your best option for satellite internet.

Plenty of Options
For all the major Internet Service Providers (ISP) out there, Viasat offers the widest range of options for plans that customers want to hear about. They offer 10 plans with data caps from 12 GB to 150GB, unlimited and limited plans, download speeds between 12Mbps to 100Mbps and Viasat’s prices are better than the competition, which often costs more per megabit per second. With the range of options Viasat offers you could comfortably have up to five people streaming movies, playing games and surfing the web at the same time.

Customer success
Viasat wants to make sure the customer has the best experience with satellite internet as possible. When a customer makes the decision to use satellite internet at their residence, a technician from Viasat does the installation. This way the customer doesn't have to get involved with finding a place to mount the satellite dish or know which cable to connect. The technician knows to direct it in a place where it has a direct line of sight to the sky near the equator. It is possible that there are trees or objects in the way that might hinder the service and that is something the technician will be able to tell you. The technician will also route the cable through a hole to reach from inside the house to the satellite dish and if there isn't a cable hole then one can be made. Multiple options have also been created to help the customer know where to pay their bill or find their data usage. The quickest way to make a one time payment is to use the Easypay tool that is explained on Viasats website. There is also the option to pay on the customers dashboard on their account, or go to and fill out the information there.