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Is Viasat better than Earthlink?

Yes, Viasat is better than Earthlink in a couple of different ways. Earthlink is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers internet through both DSL and fiber plans while Viasat offers internet through satellite. The difference is that DSL and fiber is needed to be put into the ground and connected to your house while satellite internet needs a satellite dish to be mounted to your residence. Earthlink has been selling the DSL option to customers since the beginning and have started selling the fiber option which increases the speed significantly. Not everyone can have access to fiber though, because fiber is dug into the ground it has to be connected to certain areas. Currently Earthlink extends to around 50% of homes in the United States and doesn't serve anywhere in the midwestern area. Viasat on the other hand, because it uses satellite internet, it can service any area in the United States that has a view of the southern sky in all 50 states. Earthlink has also been said to have subpar pricing for the download speeds that they offer. Earthlink offers download speeds at 1000 Mbps at $99 per month while the competition offers the same download speed at $75 per month. Another difference in these two providers is that Viasat offers 10 plans ranging in price and download speeds while Earth link offers 6 plans. This is still more than some of the competition but more is better when it comes to options. Fiber is the only option to look into if you want Earthlink as your provider, but that does come with an installation fee for cabling dug underground and the possibility of not being able to get fiber. Viasat will give you the highest chance of having the internet when comparing these two and will give you all the options you want to choose from.