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Is Alexa compatible with Viasat?

Alexa and other smart home devices are compatible with Viasat, but unless you have an unlimited plan with Viasat, it would be good to keep an eye on how much data they are using. Smart home devices do a great job with always being available to the user to change anything from the temperature of the house, to checking the security cameras, to telling us what the weather is outside. To do this the smart home devices, Alexa included, need to be on and connected to the internet to access the correct information. Devices similar to Alexa can be asked to stream music which is pulled from the internet. This takes just as much data if you were to stream from your computer which could clock in at around 100 MB per hour. It is easy to turn it on and forget about it as well, for example if you turn it on and leave your house that is wasted data. Other ways you can use data through smart home devices is using security systems to look in on your house, smart doorbells to see who is at your door, or the use of smart plugins or smart bulbs. With technology advancing at the pace it is, is it easy to forget about the devices that are running and using data in the background. It would be smart to one day go through your house and find all the devices using data to see how much is just being used for standby features. You might be able to see where your data is actually going.