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How slow is HughesNet after the data cap?

HughesNet toggles your internet speed once your data used exceeds the data cap your plan is set at. This is so that a handful of customers don’t hog the network and continue to use data when they have already used the amount they paid for. The individuals who exceeded their data cap will be toggled and the rest of the individuals who have data left will still be able to use theirs. There is not an infinite amount of data on the network, once it gets to a certain point everyone on that network will have slower internet speeds. This will normally happen in the afternoon times when everyone is getting home from work to watch tv or kids are coming in from outside. The speed it gets down to after the data cap is around 1 to 3 Mbps where it normally is running at around 25 Mbps. Major streaming providers say on their websites that watching videos with DVD quality (Standard Definition) is possible at .5 to 1.5 Mbps, so this is an option when you have exceeded your data cap. There is also the option of watching your favorite shows during the bonus zone. It is a period of off-peak hours when the data you use doesn’t count against your main monthly allowance. You get your speed back to 25 Mbps by purchasing data tokens that cost about $3 per GB.