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How reliable is satellite internet?

Satellite internet is reliable for the most part, just like any other internet provider. You can stream shows and movies all day if you want to and you shouldn’t have any issues. There are a few things that can impact your service though that might be out of your control. If you are having issues with your service then an easy step you can take is to walk outside and look at the dish on your house. If it is being blocked by something then it can weaken your signal and slow your speed. It is also possible that something could fall on it and damage it, if that looks like the case then take a look at it if you are able to safely. If you can’t do it safely then you can call a technician to come out and check if for you. Really bad weather can also affect your signal in negative ways, if it is stormy outside then the thick clouds can weaken the signal as well. Both of these cases don’t happen often, but if you are having issues with the reliability of your connection then it is something to check on. On a normal day though, satellite internet will be as reliable as any of the other traditional internet providers and will allow you to stream, surf the web or play video games whenever you want.