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How much does it cost to cancel Viasat?

It can cost up to $350 to cancel Viasat.

Cancellation fees can be tricky. Luckily, Viasat’s cancellation policy is straight forward. When you first join Viasat, you sign a two year contract for their services. If at any point during those first twenty-four months you decide you want to terminate your contract, you may do so; however, there is a fee of $15 for every month of unused service in that contract. The earlier you cancel, the more you will have to pay in fees. Those who are unsure about Viasat may opt out of the two year contract by paying $300 as a part of their first month’s bill and receive the promise of free termination of service. This allows them to try Viasat without risking upwards of $350 in cancellation fees.

Termination Fees and Returning Equipment

If you choose to cancel Viasat, you must return the equipment leased to you within 30 days. This includes the TRIA (transmit and receive integrated assembly) that is attached to the satellite dish, and the modem. These items can be returned without additional fees; however, failure to return these items will result in a charge to your account with the payment information on file. For unreturned Viasat modems, customers will face a fee of $150, and an additional $150 fee if they cancel the service and fail to return the Viasat satellite TRIA. Customers subscribed to Viasat-2 will face a $50 fee if they fail to return the gateway modem, and a $250 fee for not returning the satellite’s TRIA.