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How many Mbps do I need for streaming?

Each streaming service requires a different limit for the data that is used, so it depends on where you are streaming from. One streaming option is SlingTV which requires a broadband home internet connection of at least 5 Mbps, but 25 Mbps is recommended. Netflix is similar in the way that its minimum for streaming is 5 Mbps and its recommended speed is at 25 Mbps. To have good streaming speed for multiple devices you will need a higher speed up around 100 Mbps. Every time you stream a device at the same time you add on how much speed is required to run everything smoothly. If you are limited on the amount of speed and data you have then you might want to space out when you use your multiple devices or choose to stream less often. Amazon is on the lower end of what streaming services recommend with needing at least 15 Mbps for the highest-quality video. Hulu is another option on the lower end with a recommended streaming speed of 16 Mbps for 4K Ultra HD. There are plenty of options for streaming TV shows and movies, but all of them require a different speed and some will need more data usage over time. If it is something you look at closely then it would definitely be something to look into.