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How many GB does HughesNet offer?

HughesNet offers a couple different plans for customers to choose from. The choices are between 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB, and 50 GB. These plans offer the same speeds as well with the upload speed being 3 Mbps, and the download speed being 25 Mbps. Download speeds of 25 Mbps are great for streaming tv shows and movies, but you don’t have the option for multiple shows of movies being streamed at once on different devices. To stream Netflix on a tv in ultra HD quality it is recommended to use 25 Mbps, which wouldn't be able to do with the 20 GB plan. Netflix does have quality that can be run at 5 Mbps so at lower qualities you can still stream a show and do other activities simultaneously, like email, surf the web, stream music, or play an online game. There are only four options that HughesNet offers though, so if you were looking for something more than 50 GB you may want to check out Viasat which offers a much larger variety of plans and speeds up to 100 Mbps. Satellite internet is a great way to go if you are in a rural area without other options.