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How many GBs do I need for home Internet?

There is not a set number for the amount of GBs needed for home internet. It depends on what you plan on doing on your home internet that shows you how many Gbs you need. Streaming movies, tv shows or music is one of the more common ways customers can run through the Gbs given for their service plan. To stream Netflix it uses about 3 Gbs an hour, if you decide to stream a movie or show in SD it uses about 1 Gb an hour and if you plan on streaming music for 7 hours, it will take about 1 Gb. If you are a gamer and you need to download a game before you start playing it might take you 20-30 Gbs before you start playing. For a game like Fortnite it would take around 42 rounds online to use 1 Gb of data. This might not seem like much to some people, but for those who play online games consistently, it can build up the data used. If you are the kind of person who only uses their internet for surfing the internet and checking email then you shouldn’t need a plan that has a high data cap. It only takes about 1 Gb of data to send and receive about 1000 emails and you can surf the web for 20 hours before you use 1 Gb of data. It all depends on how you use your service and what kind of plan you are looking into.