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How long does it take to install satellite internet?

Installing your Viasat internet service, including satellite dish, typically takes two to three hours. The professional technician will come out to your home and check for the best placement for your dish. This will consist of having a site survey done and the customer input will be taken into account. The Viasat mini-dish is about 30 inches by 28 inches and can either be placed on your roof, on the side of your house, or mounted on a pole in the ground. If these standard installation options don’t give the best connection, a non-standard option may be recommended to make sure you receive the fastest satellite internet possible. There will be a cable routed through one exterior wall and one interior wall or floor to be able to connect the dish to the modem. After mounting the dish in the best place, they will then set up your modem and connect any devices that are connected to the wifi whether that be a smoke alarm, house alarm, video camera, or phones. The professional will activate your account and the service will be tested on the internet. Then they will walk you through the process of looking at your dashboard on the Viasat website to see your data and where you can find all the information for your account.