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How Does Viasat Support VPN with Viasat Flex?

Viasat Flex uses flexible broadband technology to support internet connections utilizing a VPN. Viasat Flex combines satellite internet and DSL internet services to deliver low-latency, high-speed internet to eligible residential customers.

Viasat Flex is a new add-on service available with Viasat-2 unlimited data plans in select areas. To introduce the nation to Viasat Flex, the company is making Flex available at no additional cost, including installation. Call today to see if Viasat Flex can meet your VPN needs, and check for availability at your location.

When you sign up for Viasat Flex, your internet speed will be the same as your satellite internet plan. Flex DSL kicks in to smooth the rough edges by reducing latency when Viasat software detects internet usage that requires low latency. Viasat Flex also enhances internet speed during times of network congestion. When satellite internet traffic is at its peak, Viasat Flex customers enjoy the speed and consistency of their DSL connection.

Viasat’s proprietary software switches internet sources between satellite and DSL, sometimes utilizing both. Because not all data sources can be identified by the system, some VPNs may not work with Flex.

Why Would You Use VPN with Viasat Internet?

Rural internet users may know and trust their neighbors, but it’s impossible to know everyone on the internet. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers online privacy and anonymity by creating a private data tunnel to keep cybercriminals from having access to private information. VPN is often required for many work-from-home jobs and jobs with telecommuting options.

Using a VPN with your Viasat satellite internet may slow downloads and uploads beyond what would be experienced with a VPN on a wired internet connection, such as cable and DSL. With the new Viasat Flex service, slow VPN transmissions are being eliminated for customers with Viasat-2 plans with unlimited data.

Call today to see if you can get Viasat satellite internet with Flex DSL, a flexible broadband technology solution designed for VPN users.