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How Do I Return Equipment to Viasat?

How Do I Return Equipment to Viasat?
Viasat equipment returns are handled at no charge to you through UPS. When you need to return leased equipment to Viasat, you should be on the lookout for a Viasat equipment recovery letter or an equipment recovery kit from UPS.
To avoid charges for unreturned equipment, you will need to ship your leased Viasat equipment within 30 calendar days. If you do not receive a letter or shipping kit from UPS soon after you make a Viasat service change, call (855) 463-9333 to request shipping materials and a UPS label.

How Do I Return Equipment to Viasat When I Discontinue Service?
When you disconnect Viasat service, you will need to return equipment from inside and outside your house. On the inside, you will need to gather your Viasat modem and power cord, along with Ethernet cables from Viasat. On the outside, you will need to take the TRIA off the Viasat satellite dish following the instructions in your equipment return box.  Do not worry about returning the satellite dish or mounting brackets.
Once you collect all your Viasat equipment, you will want to carefully place each piece in the UPS shipping box following the instructions in the equipment recovery kit. The protective insert in the UPS box should correspond to the equipment you leased.

Before you seal your box, it’s always a good idea to snap a photo of the packed equipment recovery kit. It’s also important to note your UPS tracking number. Snapping a clear photo with your smartphone is a great way to keep tracking information handy.

The next step in the Viasat equipment return process is to get your package into the UPS delivery stream. You have several free options, including dropping the package off at a UPS store or handing it to a UPS driver. You may schedule a pickup at your home or office with the payment of a pickup fee to UPS.

How Do I Return Equipment to Viasat When I Upgrade My Package?

When you lease a Viasat WiFi modem to replace a basic Viasat modem, you may reuse the box and packing material to return your old Viasat modem with its power supply and power cord.