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How Do I Get Out of a Viasat contract?

How Do I Get Out of a Viasat Contract?
You can get out of a Viasat contract before your two-year contract ends, but you may be charged an early termination fee of $15 for each month remaining on the service contract. Call 855-463-9333 to learn more about your Viasat satellite internet service options or to cancel your Viasat service. If cost is the reason you want to get out of a Viasat contract, ask about changing Viasat internet plans.

When you cancel your Viasat internet plan, you will need to return equipment leased from Viasat within 30 days of your cancellation. For most Viasat customers, leased equipment includes a Viasat Wi-Fi modem and power cord and the TRIA on the satellite dish outside your home or office.

Following your call to cancel your Viasat contract, you should be on the lookout for UPS delivering a Viasat equipment recovery kit. The kit will have instructions for returning your equipment. Be sure to ship your leased equipment within the 30-day window so that your payment method on file will not be charged for unreturned equipment.

Can I Get Viasat with No Contract?
Yes, Viasat offers satellite internet service without the typical two-year contract; however, you will have an up-front fee of $300. When you order Viasat internet, choose the Viasat No Long-Term Contract option. Your first month’s bill will include the $300 No Long-Term Contract Fee, which buys you the option of cancelling your Viasat internet service any time after the first month without paying an early termination fee. You will have to return leased equipment no matter how long or short your time with Viasat is.