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How do I check my Viasat usage?

There are a couple of options Viasat offers for customers to check their data usage. If you are on a computer you can go to the customer portal and log in to your Viasat account with your username and password. This should take you to a screen that shows your data usage meter. The graph on the screen shows the current data usage by percentages, how many Gbs have been used and how many are still available. There is also an option to buy more data if data is running low on the plan you are using.

Another option is to download the MyViasat mobile app so you can check it anytime and anywhere. Both Apple and Android devices are supported by the app. If you don’t want to take the app route, then you can get text messages sent from Viasat to show you that information you need. With the text messaging service you can view your bill, pay your bill, talk with an agent, reboot your modem, buy more data and change your installation with no download of an app. These are some of the ways you can check your Viasat usage and still have the option to do much more.