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How Do I Access My Viasat Voicemail?

How Do I Access My Viasat Voicemail?
With Viasat Voice, you never have to miss a call or a voicemail! Viasat Voicemail is available when you log into your Viasat account, or it may be accessed by phone or via emails to your cell phone. Viasat Voicemail boxes are created automatically with the activation of each new voice account, but you will need to complete voicemail setup to enjoy all the features of Viasat Voicemail.
You can customize your Viasat Voice experience through the Viasat Customer Features Management Portal. When you access the portal, you can manage voicemail settings, call screening settings, and call forwarding settings.

How Do I Access My Viasat Voicemail on My Home Phone?

Viasat Voicemail is available on your home phone. Just dial *36 and enter your 4-digit PIN. The default PIN to access your Viasat Voicemail is 1234, but you may change this PIN.
Viasat Voice offers star codes to make it easy to manage your Voice account. Here are the most used:
*30         Enable Viasat Voice Call Forwarding
*36         Access Viasat Voicemail
*57         Enable Call Waiting on Viasat Voice
*58         Disable Call Waiting on Viasat Voice
*69         Call the Last Number that Called Your Viasat Voice Number

How Do I Access My Viasat Voicemail on My Smart Phone?

Viasat Voicemail may be retrieved as MP3 files through email on your smartphone. Log into your Viasat account to set up this feature, and never miss an important message again. Your default email address for voicemail will be the one you used to set up your Viasat account, but you can enter another email address to get your emailed voice messages.
You may also access your Viasat Voicemail in your Viasat Voicemail box from your smartphone. This approach will allow you to listen to the message of access it using Visual Voicemail.
If you prefer to answer your Viasat Voice calls as they come in, you can forward all your calls to your cell phone or multiple telephone lines. When you find yourself getting unwanted calls, Viasat Voice gives you the option of blocking the calls or forwarding those calls directly to voicemail.