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How do I Cancel My Hughes 2 Year Contract?

To cancel your HughesNet 2 year contract agreement you can contact their Customer Care at 866-347-3292. If you plan on canceling your plan within the first 90 days of installation there will be a $400 fee for canceling while the contract agreement is still active. After the 90 days the fee amount will decrease by $15 per month for each month of active service. The only way you can possibly get out of your 2 year contract without paying the fee is if you feel like you were lied to about the service by the sales representative. HughesNet would then need to find the sales call and confirm that the representative misrepresented the service. This is highly unlikely to happen though. You have the ability to modify your plan on your account on HughesNet website if that would help. You would sign in, go to my services, click on change plan, select the plan you want to add to cart, and complete order. This can either give you more data to work with or reduce the data you have to save some money. HughesNet’s customer service is not the worst so if you wish to go through with canceling your contract you can attempt it, but they aren't going to help you out with it.