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How can I speed up my Viasat Internet?

There are a few ways to speed up your Viasat internet, but there are a few things that should be checked on to make sure things are working correctly first. It would be good to check on the satellite dish to make sure nothing has influenced the signal strength with an object in the way. If a new building has been built where the satellite dish is pointing or tall trees have grown nearby it will result in a weak connection to the satellite dish it is communicating with in space. If this is the case a technician can come out from Viasat and reinstall the dish in another place. It would also be good to check how much data has been used for the month. If you have passed the data cap then your download speed will be throttled. Since a large amount of people rely on the signal of one satellite it is important that customers don’t over use their data since it can affect others. If you have passed the data cap then you can either buy more data or another plan or you can stream, surf or whatever it is during hours when not many people are awake. It is a good idea as well if you live with multiple people that you check on what everyone else is doing at that time. If multiple people are downloading something then it will cause whatever you are doing to slow down as well. It is important to communicate this so that one person does not hog all of the data.