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How can I improve my Viasat internet?

Improving Viasat internet will be similar to improving any other satellite internet, so if you find any other suggestions on how to make your connection stronger or faster then you can try it with Viasat internet. These are a few of the options you can look into when trying to improve your internet though. You can look for damage on the dish or cables connected to your house. If you are able to inspect your dish safely then you can check for scratches or dents that might affect the signal. If there are any obstructions in the way it might hurt your connection as well. If you aren’t able to inspect your dish closely then you can call Viasat customer support to bring a professional out to look at the dish for you. These cables connected to your modem and dish should be checked as well to make sure they are connected and no damage has been done to them as well. It is good to use your own router when getting new internet installed because you don’t know how old the router is. With Viasat the router is a part of the modem so you can just opt out of using the router they supply you with and use your own. Modems need updates every once in a while because they have software and firmware in them so check to see on the brands website if you need to update it. One last tip is to restart the modem and router. Make sure you have the username and password written down somewhere because once it restarts it will forget what was used before. For any more help to improve Viasat internet you can call Viasat’s customer service to get advice.