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How can I boost my HughesNet signal?

HughesNet has a Gen5 wifi range booster which simply connects to your existing Hughes HT2000 modem’s built in wifi and extends the distance to provide wifi coverage to the areas of your home where signal is otherwise low. This allows you to have access to a seamless wifi signal in every room. The booster automatically extends the signal and connects your devices to the clearest channel and strongest GHz band. Wifi strength and reliability are affected by the materials in walls of houses and residences. The wifi booster helps provide coverage even through dense wall material like concrete, metal and brick. It will also work on both 2.4GHz and 5-GHz channels. This wifi range booster was designed to work seamlessly with the HT2000 modem and will not work with any other modem. There are other wifi range boosters that work better and are less expensive since it originally costs $129. It was made for the HT2000 modem and should be easy to set up and communicate with. HughesNet also has a mobile app that has a wireless signal gauge to help identify places in your home with a poor signal. This can help you find out if a range booster would help in your situation.