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Does Viasat Offer Home Phone Service?

Viasat Voice is the phone service that Viasat offers to its customers. With Viasat Voice you can make crystal clear calls to your family and friends, even in areas where there isn’t any service. It is also cheaper than the traditional home phone service that comes with the perks of Caller ID, Caller Waiting, Unlimited calling in the U.S and Canada, and you have the option to transfer your existing number or get a new one. Through the Viasat Voice Portal there are even more features that you can use to make things more convenient for you. You can change voicemail settings, manage call forwarding and screening, change or view your account information and more! Viasat Voice can do this by using your satellite internet to send and receive calls easily. It is easy to set up as well, all you need to do is attach the phone base station to your Viasat Satellite Modem with a phone cord. A voice adaptor will be needed as well, but it is included with your service. Viasat Voice becomes an even better deal when bundled with internet and tv with all three being connected to each other on the same network. If you already have Viasat internet then think about bundling it with Viasat Voice.