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Does Viasat Have Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can have Wi-Fi with every Viasat internet plan. When you order Viasat satellite internet service, you get the Viasat WiFi Modem with built-in Wi-Fi or the Viasat WiFi Gateway. You can use your own Wi-Fi router with a Viasat modem, if you prefer.

Every Viasat plan requires a Viasat modem. The modem is linked to the satellite dish outside your home using a coaxial cable to bring internet service into your home. A Wi-Fi router delivers wireless connectivity to the internet, allowing you to have a Wi-Fi network and connect all your devices without running any cables or wires.

Does Viasat Have Wi-Fi Modems That Also Allow Wired Connections?

Yes, Viasat modems can be used for wired connections with Ethernet cables. Both the Viasat WiFi Modem and the Viasat WiFi Gateway have Ethernet ports. Viasat modems allow you to use Wi-Fi connections for some devices, such as smart phones, tablets, thermostats and security cameras, and wired connections for other devices, including desktop computers, laptops, even a TV. Viasat WiFi Modems and Viasat WiFi Gateways allow you to set up your home network in the most advantageous configuration for the way you and your family use the internet.

Does Viasat Have Wi-Fi Installation Service?

New Viasat customers get installation service that includes setup of your Viasat satellite dish and a Viasat WiFi Modem or Viasat WiFi Gateway modem. If you order Viasat Voice phone service, the Viasat technician will set up your Viasat phone utilizing a Viasat modem with a phone jack. Both the Viasat WiFi Modem and the Viasat WiFi Gateway modem accommodate home phone service with Voice, eliminating the need for a separate adapter for your phone.

Does Viasat Have Wi-Fi Tech Support and Service?

Viasat supports all the equipment it issues to customers, including the Viasat WiFi Modem and the Viasat WiFi Gateway. The Viasat WiFi Modem is available on all Viasat plans at a cost of $5/month.

If you use your own router for Wi-Fi, you will need to set it up and maintain it. Unsure about your technical abilities? Get access to tech-savvy Viasat technicians by subscribing to EasyCare. For $8.99/month, you get service calls at no additional charge, priority customer support on the Viasat Customer Care hotline, and discounts on relocating your satellite dish. Even better, you pay nothing for the first three months of EasyCare, and you can cancel at any time!