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Does Viasat have TV?

Yes, Viasat satellite internet has TV options through DIRECTV satellite television, and you can save money if you bundle TV with satellite internet. Viasat internet supports video streaming, so you will never have a shortage of TV options.

Does Viasat Have TV Streaming Plans?

Viasat provides fast internet service with unlimited data plans that are perfect for streaming Netflix, Hulu and YouTube videos. It’s common for internet service providers to have a cap on their satellite internet, but Viasat offers multiple plans with unlimited data in limited areas. While data plans are unlimited, each plan has a monthly data threshold—once the threshold is reached, your internet traffic is prioritized behind other Viasat customers who have not reached their threshold.
You can enjoy streaming and downloading content without worrying about a data cap or added charges, even if you go over your plan’s data threshold. While your internet speed may slow during peak times once you reach your data cap, you can expect to have enough speed to watch videos, which perform well with download speeds of as little at 1.5 Mbps.

Does Viasat Have TV Options That Are Affordable?

You can save when you bundle satellite internet service with TV. Viasat isn’t a direct provider of satellite TV, but the company partners with DIRECTV to offer TV packages. You can get over 200 channels from DIRECTV along with the fast internet service you want from Viasat.
Along with saving money, another benefit of bundling Viasat internet service with TV is you only have one bill to remember to pay. It’s easier to budget for a single bill and make sure you pay it on time.
With Viasat and DIRECTV, you can enjoy entertainment and never worry about running out of data or waiting endlessly for a video to buffer due to slow internet speeds. Watch your favorite sports teams, movies and TV shows. To find out more about TV options with Viasat internet plans, call customer service today.