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Does Viasat Have Low Income Internet?

Does Viasat Have Low Income Internet?
Viasat offers affordable rural internet service across the United States; however, the satellite internet company does not have a specific program for low-income internet customers.
If you need internet access, but cost is an obstacle, you should explore programs designed to bridge the digital divide for seniors, veterans, Native Americans, and recipients of Medicaid, EBT, SNAP and housing assistance.  You may also qualify for Lifeline if your household income is 135% or less of the federal poverty guideline. The best option for getting low-income internet service through Viasat may be through a government-funded program, such as Lifeline.
If you qualify, a Lifeline subsidy of $9.25 per month is paid directly to your ISP to be applied to your monthly internet bill. Those who live on Tribal Lands may qualify for additional assistance. With the Lifeline low-income internet subsidy, your bill on a basic internet package may be reduced by 20 percent or more!

Does Viasat Offer Internet for Underserved Rural Households?
Viasat is the best internet service provider for underserved rural households caught in the digital divide. Because Viasat satellite internet utilizes a totally wireless delivery system, it is available at almost every address in the United States. While satellite internet is often more expensive than wired internet, basic Viasat plans may work for low-income households, especially if they access a technology supplement to help cover the cost.
A basic Viasat plan will allow low-income households to join the digital revolution and all it offers:

  1. Children can use online tutorials and complete assignments
  2. Adults can take online classes
  3. Adults and teens can submit online job applications
  4. Work-from-home opportunities can boost income
  5. Online doctor’s appointments save time and money
  6. Relax and stream videos and music—Don’t forget social media!
Call today and ask the question, “What are the best internet options for low-income families.” A sales rep will help you learn about all your options for affordable internet service.